Speaking, teaching & more

Speaking, Teaching and other invited activities

NSF Chemical Innovation Center Training (August 2017) – led a one day community engagement training workshop at AAAS for the Managing Directors of NSF’s Chemical Innovation Centers

iUTAH EPSCOR visit (July 2017) – spent a week shadowing iUTAH EPSCOR’s Assistant Director to gain first hand experience of a statewide research collaboration. Included giving two seminars about scientific community engagement.

Intereach webinar (July 2017) – co-presented a 90 minute webinar about community engagement in science, the AAAS Community Engagement Fellows Program

Netweaving workshop (June 2017) – invited participant at this one-day workshop of netweavers in STEM including discussions of network organising an netweaving as a community management role

Science of Team Science meeting (June 2017) – Presenter in workshop on collaborative technologies, workshop on community engagement within science and session chair for a panel on collaboration in industry and academia

STM Society Day (April 2017) – Panelist on a session on “Societies, Scholarly Research, and the Public” – discussed building a science policy ecosystem on Trellis

AAAS / NSF INCLUDES conference (April 2017) – Co-organiser and speaker for this two-day conference on “The human and technical infrastructure for scaling the INCLUDES pilot projects”

AAAS annual meeting (February 2017) – Session co-organiser and speaker, “Tools for building and enhancing scholarly communities on the web”

AAAS Community Engagement Program training week (January 2017) – Curriculum creator and host for this week-long training for the inaugural cohort of Fellows

Mozilla All-Hands meeting (December 2016) – Invited guest at the week-long Mozilla All Hands meeting – contributed to sessions on community building, community member interviews, diversity and inclusion, member onboarding and more

AAAS Community Engagement Program curriculum development workshop (November 2016) – Organiser and host of this two-day workshop to discuss creation of a curriculum for scientific community engagement managers

The CRConnect (October 2016) – Speaker in a lightning talk session discussing “Using the CR’s State of Community Management Survey to inform curriculum development for scientific community managers”

ESOF 2016 (July 2016) – Panelist in sessions on “Are scientists switched onto the effects of social media” and “Building interdisciplinary collaborations”

Community Leadership Summit (May 2016) – Led unconference sessions on community manager training and remote working and participated in discussions on session formats for including introverts and community manager burnout

Force 11 conference (April 2016) – Participated in workshops on “Defining the Scholarly Commons” and “Annotating Scholarly Communications”

Advancing Research Communication and Scholarship Conference (April 2015) – Panel on “Socializing scholarly communication: opening up scholarship from research to participation” and “Disrupting the status quo – new models and technologies for scholarly communication”

Open Knowledge Festival (July 2014) – Co-organizer on this 1000+ atttendee conference on all aspects of “open”

Alda Center Summer Institute (June 2014) – Invited participant in this multi-day workshop on science communication using improvisation and message distillation techniques

FuturePub (May 2014) – Presented MySciCareer in a flash talk at this quarterly publishing event

ScienceOnline (March 2014) – Led a session on online communities and another on alternative career paths in science where we launched MySciCareer

Nobel Week Dialogue (December 2013) – Official blogger and panel participant “New methods for communicating science”

UK Conference of Science Journalists (June 2012) – Organising committee member. Convened and chaired a session on online tools for science journalists

ScienceOnline (January 2012) – Led a half-day workshop on social media for science communication; Session convener and speaker, “The attention economy: The currencies for social media influence and exchange rates for attention”

The Next Generation of Science Media conference (May 2011) – Keynote speaker

SONYC (May 2011) – Panelist on the theme of “Are scientists afraid of social media and online tools?”

SciLogs blogging retreat (March 2011) – Keynote speaker on “The evolving science blogging landscape”

ScienceOnline (January 2011) – Panelist in session on “The future of science blogging”

Futurebook (December 2010) – Speaker on “Building a social network for scientists

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting (June 2010, 2011, 2012) – Official blogger and online communications team member