Conferences and events

This page details events that I have attended as a participant. For events where I’ve been a speaker or facilitator, please see the parent tab “Speaking, teaching & more“.


Wenger-Trayner Communities of Practice working retreat (July 2018) – Participant in this 4-day retreat led by Etienne Wenger and Bev Trayner. Explored the latest communities of practice theory and workshopped a value creation model for planning and evaluating learning spaces.

Community Leadership Summit (July 2018) – Participant in this unconference for community managers. Contributed to sessions that included promoting diversity and inclusion, building trust in communities and metrics.

Alda Center Science Communication Bootcamp (June 2018) – Participant in this improv-based communications training at Stony Brook University

NIMBioS evaluation webinars (ongoing) – Active participant in monthly hour-long webinars about evaluating programs using the collective impact framework


Sackler colloquium – Science of Science Communication III (November 2017)

Mindful Leadership Summit (November 2017)


Mindful Leadership Summit (November 2016)

Social Media and Society conference (July 2016)

Force 11 conference (April 2016) – Participated in workshops on “Defining the Scholarly Commons” and “Annotating Scholarly Communications”


OpenCon London 2015 (November 2015)

TheCR Connect (October 2015)

2013 and earlier

Open Knowledge Conference 2013 (September 2013)

Sackler colloquium – Science of Science Communication II (September 2013)

AAAS annual meeting – Attendee 2011 – 2013