My projects

What I’m interested in these days 

  • Supporting a community of scientific community managers in Slack in my role as Director for the Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement (CSCCE) – request to join us here!
  • Developing and refining a curriculum to support community managers in science
  • Defining the roles and skill sets of scientific community managers – which includes my work with the C3 project team of the 2017 class CSCCE Community Engagement Fellows.
  • Communities of practice and social learning theory – What group conditions are needed for learning to take place and how can communities of practice theory influence how we structure and maintain scientific communities?
  • Diversity, inclusion and belonging in communities – What do we mean by belonging? How do we balance being able to speak our truths in a system versus integrating with the group? How is social capital distributed – and reinforced?
  • Considering our online, technology-mediated interactions  – How can we successfully share and build upon ideas and handle the associated identity issues in an online community?
  • Systems thinking, culture, and organisational change – How do we take a broader perspective of the systems that we’re working within and understand the various forces at play (such as “rich get richer” effects? And how do we contribute our individual best selves to a team-based project.

Previous projects 

These are some additional community-focused projects that I’ve contributed to:

  • MySciCareer – co-founder and co-curator of this website for first person science career stories.
  • BlueSci – co-founder and Managing Editor of Cambridge University’s first popular science magazine
  • Sonyc – co-founder and co-organiser of this monthly discussion series in NYC.
  • SpotOn London – organiser of this event 2010 – 2013. Now on the advisory board.
  • Open Knowledge Festival 2014 – co-organiser
  • Social media case studies – co-ordinated the first ever case studies of using social media for science communication.
  • Scibarcamb – co-organiser of this science and tech unconference in Cambridge
  • Open Research glossary 
  • Science tweetups – founded tweetups in NYC, DC and Cambridge.
  • ScienceOnline DC (ScioDC) – co-organizer.
  • Force2017 conference – co-chair of the conference program committee for this event to consider the future of scholarly communications and the role of online tools.