My projects

What I’m interested in these days 

  • Developing and refining a curriculum to support community managers in science – in my role as Center Director for the AAAS Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement (CSCCE).
  • Defining the roles and skill sets of scientific community managers – which includes my work with the C3 project team of the 2017 class of AAAS Community Engagement Fellows.
  • Considering our online, technology-mediated interactions and specifically whether co-creation is possible online. How do we encourage discourse in such a way that we can share and build on ideas and handle the associated identity issues?
  • Systems thinking and organisational change – including the role of “personal mastery” in contributing our individual best selves to a team-based project. 

Additional projects

  • C4Sci groups on Trellis – I run a family of groups on Trellis called Communities for Science Communication (C4Sci) which are focused on community-building within science. You can request to join here.
  • MySciCareer – co-founder and co-curator of this website for first person science career stories.

Previous projects 

These are some additional community-focused projects that I’ve contributed to:

  • BlueSci – co-founder and Managing Editor of Cambridge University’s first popular science magazine
  • Sonyc – co-founder and co-organiser of this monthly discussion series in NYC.
  • SpotOn London – organiser of this event 2010 – 2013. Now on the advisory board.
  • Open Knowledge Festival 2014 – co-organiser
  • Social media case studies – co-ordinated the first ever case studies of using social media for science communication.
  • Scibarcamb – co-organiser of this science and tech unconference in Cambridge
  • Open Research glossary 
  • Science tweetups – founded tweetups in NYC, DC and Cambridge.
  • ScienceOnline DC (ScioDC) – co-organizer.
  • Force2017 conference – co-chair of the conference program committee for this event to consider the future of scholarly communications and the role of online tools.