Welcome to Social in silico!

What is it?

A blog for the discussion of anything related to the science of online communities and how online interactions can be extended to related offline events. Posts might include discussions of findings from the social sciences, psychology, design, and network theory, as well as the occasional book review.

In addition to posts sharing my ideas, I also create a weekly round-up of links called URLs of wisdom. These round-ups include articles about online behaviour, social network analysis, science blogging and other academic uses of social media, as well as useful resources for anyone managing online communities.

Who am I?

A scientist by training, but no longer doing lab research, I’ve over six years of experience in community building.  I’ve worked in virtual worlds, with social media and science blog networks and organising offline events with various different formats. I’ve got an insatiable curiosity about human behaviour, a geeky love of online tools, and an enthusiasm to understand what happens where the two intersect. You can find me on Twitter as @LouWoodley or @SocialInSilico.

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