2017 on Social in silico

2017 was a busy year on Social in Silico – and the best one yet in terms of the number of blog posts published and the number of you reading them. Thank you for following along! Here’s a summary of some of the highlights.

***Overwhelmed by the list? I’ve put stars next to the key posts you might want to start with to get a tasting menu of the topics listed.

Gripping reading material…
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Considering Community – what do scientific communities look like?

This year I was delighted to get to know the inaugural cohort of AAAS Community Engagement Fellows – a brand new fellowship program for scientific community managers for which I’m the program director. This prompted a series of posts in which I contemplate four possible types of communities found within science. I describe the characteristics of these communities including staffing, funding and governance structures, as well as the role of a community manager in each community.

Also in the Considering Community series I explored two models for communities:

  • ***The four stages of the community lifecycle – the model shared in “Buzzing Communities” by Rich Millington explains why the role of a community manager changes depending on which stage of the community lifecycle their community is in.
  • *** The Connect-Align-Produce model –  A different model applies for social-impact communities – those where the purpose is to generate outputs for social good.

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