Reading for Leading #2: Going long

Going long

Next time you’re frustrated you can’t explore something in more detail, “go long”.
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How many times in a given day or week do you and your team members think “I wish I could dive a little deeper into this topic, problem or new tool – but I just don’t have time right now.”?

Next time that happens, pick up a post-it note or scrap of paper, note down the item and then put it away somewhere. Perhaps stick the post-its onto a plain sheet of paper in the corner of your office, or post the scraps of paper into an empty tissue box on your desk – whatever works for you. You can do this electronically too, if you prefer – maybe using a Trello board and making cards for each new item that crops up. But no browsing when you post the new items! Simply file and forget.

Next, block out 90 mins in your calendar at some point within the next month. When that time arrives, empty out the box, pull down the paper covered in post-its or re-open the Trello board and pick something that calls you. Then spend the 90 mins exploring it.

You can either do this alone or as a team exercise. How does this work out?

Source of inspiration: Janice Marturano’s “Finding the space to lead”