URLs of wisdom (30th August)

URLs of wisdom is a weekly round-up of interesting links about topics at the intersection of people, science and technology.


Web/Social media developments

  • What is clickbait? As Facebook announces that it’s going to reduce the visibility of clickbaiting content in newsfeeds, what factors determine whether content is just for clicks or is actually engaging us?
  • When it comes to chasing clicks, journalists say one thing but feel pressure to do another – “all media sites now rely on web analytics to make editorial decisions. But this does not mean that they all use and interpret metrics in similar ways. In fact, each editorial department makes sense of traffic numbers differently. There is not one but several “cultures of the click.”
  • Instagram releases Hyperlapse – a stand-alone app that lets users create time lapse videos with motion stablisation. More on the tech behind it here.

Academia online 


  • Cliquenomics – “as much as I am sensitive to why communities are formed, I’m also sensitive to who gets left out and why. there are those we should be wary of (like people with malicious intent) but in our zeal to “belong”, we sometimes overlook people we might be keeping out because of things we take for granted.”


Just for fun

All that weird text speak is ruining our writing skills, isn’t it…?