Exploring forms and norms – technological innovation and identity at the Hirschhorn museum, DC

One of the things I sometimes consider on this blog is how design and interactive art can help us to explore our relationships to technology and how we see the world. “Exploring forms and norms” is an occasional series of posts on this topic.

I’m making a habit of spending Thanksgiving (mostly) away from my laptop and out exploring art. This year, I went along to the Hirschhorn modern art museum where I enjoyed the new “What absence is made of” exhibition – a series of pieces exploring themes including identity, loss and the impact of technology.

Colourless leaf litter?
Image credit: author’s own

My favourite piece was an interactive exhibit by Ann Hamilton called “at hand” where a machine drops a single sheet of blank paper from the ceiling at random intervals. The paper floats to the floor, joining a growing pile of sheets, resulting in an empty autumnal scene devoid of colour. Continue reading