Reading for Leading #13: Setting your intention

Setting your intention

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“That’s not a challenge I can accept lion down…”
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Setting our intentions is something that we’re used to doing at transition points in our lives – in our New Year’s resolutions, in our marriage vows, maybe even in our annual review. But when did you last set an intention on a smaller time frame?

If you practice yoga or meditation you may already be familiar with the exercise of smaller-scale intention-setting. As the saying goes, where we direct our attention, our energy will follow – so being clear in naming our intention is the necessary precursor to taking control of where we direct our focus.

An intention doesn’t have to be the same thing each day, and it can be small and specific or more general, depending on your mood. It’s really about gently guiding your focus in a specific direction so that your underlying positive motivations might persist during the day. For example, if you’re feeling under the weather maybe “Go easy on myself today” would be appropriate whereas at the start of a challenging week perhaps “Don’t forget to seek out and share moments of joy” could be helpful.

This week, can you take a few moments to set an intention each morning before you open your inbox? Maybe write it on a post-it and keep it stuck on your laptop for the day as a reminder. Check in at the end of the day and see how you did.

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