Reading for Leading #12: Leadership – swopping MBA for MSC?

Leadership – swopping MBA for MSC?

Reading for Leading is a weekly leadership tip shared every Monday morning as a pithy suggestion, question or reflection. You can find the whole series here.

At the recent Mindful Leadership Conference, Rasmus Hougaard presented data from discussions with thousands of leaders about which traits are most important for success in the role. Three qualities consistently emerged – starting with the letters M, S, C.

The best things come in threes? As a leader, what are the three most important traits?
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  • Mindful
    • 73% of leaders feel unmindful most of the time.
    • “Understanding and managing attention is now the single most important determinant of business success”
    • Tips for mindfulness:
  • Selfless
    • Ego makes us vulnerable to criticism, susceptible to manipulation, and narrows our vision making us prone to confirmation bias.
    • “The leader’s most important and challenging job is to keep the ego in check”
    • Tips for selflessness:
      • Use less “I”, “me”, “my” and “mine”
      • Consider the contribution of others
      • Look for opportunities to express gratitude
  • Compassionate
    • “If we take care of our people, they take care of our guests and business takes care of itself” – Marriott exec
    • “Compassion creates social cohesion and makes people stick.”
    • Tips for compassion:
      • Always check your intention
      • Ask: How can I be of benefit?
      • Carry out random acts of kindness


Source of Inspiration: Talk by Rasmus Hougaard at the Mindful Leadership Summit 2017. His book “The Mind of the Leader” co-written with Jacqueline Carter will be published in early 2018.



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