Reading for Leading #10: Two doing lists

Two doing lists 

Reading for Leading is a weekly leadership tip shared every Monday morning as a pithy suggestion, question or reflection. You can find the whole series here.

Maybe make sure you put those lists in a safe place? Image credit:

At the end of your work week, before you put work down for the weekend, try writing two lists.

Firstly, note the things that you need to do next week so that when you pick work up again you’ll quickly be able to see where you are. The second list is a “done” list of your achievements of the past week, the things you delivered and maybe even unexpected things that cropped up that you took action on. This can give you some closure on the week, leaving you able to step back and focus on enjoying your time off. 

Bonus tip: you might find it helpful to compare your done list for this week with the to do list that you wrote at the end of the previous week and note why it is that certain things weren’t crossed off the lists or whether there are many ad hoc items cropping up each day. Does this indicate any bigger issues that you might need to address?


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