Reading for Leading #5: 5 questions for your team

5 questions for your team

Reading for Leading is a weekly leadership tip shared every Monday morning as a pithy suggestion, question or reflection. You can find the whole series here.

Hand over the mic to your team members to learn more about them and how the team works.
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As leaders or managers we can make the mistake  of thinking that we’re supposed to have all the answers. Not only is this generally unlikely to be true, but especially when we start a new role we’re likely to be missing a lot of information about the current set up – and our team’s attitudes towards it.

Michael Watkins, author of “The first 90 days” suggests that you invite each of your team members to a conversation with you where you ask them 5 questions:

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of our current strategy?
  • What are the biggest challenges we face?
  • What could we do more effectively?
  • How can we improve how the team works together?
  • If you were in my position, what would your priorities be?

Not only can these provide useful information about any problems that may exist – especially if you’re hearing a similar message from multiple team members –  but the answers can also give you insight into the different mental models of each member.

Source of inspiration: “Build your team” chapter of “The first 90 days” by Michael Watkins

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