Introducing “Reading for Leading” – Monday morning pithy prompts

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Recently I’ve been thinking about the balance between consumption and creation or synthesis. And while I’ve been enjoying translating some of my thoughts into blog posts once again, there have been many more ideas shared at events, and in books, papers and podcasts than I’m ever going to convert into full-length posts.

However, exploring ideas doesn’t always have to go long form!

Two examples: Seth Godin’s daily blog posts are one of my favourite reads – little nuggets of marketing and management inspiration, they’re often a good prompt to stop and rethink your project work. Likewise, I’ve enjoyed exploring Zen koans over the years – short pithy phrases that you reflect on for a period of time in order to distill their wisdom for yourself.

And so I’m going to combine bits of both to create a new series of short posts every Monday morning – “reading for leading“. Each post will share a question, a tip, a definition or something else to ponder as you start your week. I hope you enjoy these small, straight doses of inspiration on the topic of modern leadership.


One thought on “Introducing “Reading for Leading” – Monday morning pithy prompts

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