URLs of wisdom – 16th July 2017

URLs of wisdom is a round-up of interesting links about topics at the intersection of people, science and technology. 

From social in silico 

Recently I’ve shared the following new posts:

Community management and collaboration in science

Community management and leadership resources

Community manager skillsets

Online behaviour

“We develop variations on our personality depending on who is viewing, and we call these individual prints personae. Meticulously constructed and carefully exhibited, our entire portfolio of personae questions the concept of authentication, which perhaps only maintains validity when considered in light of its etymological root: We are indeed, as our thumbprint suggests, the author (Latin auctor, “originator”) of each and every one of these self-portraits. A self-portrait is not its painter. An essay is not its author. These personae, these images of ourselves that we call our selves, are only narratives.”

Science communication and open science resources



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