Bigger bytes of multi-media – June/July 2015

I put together a weekly round-up of interesting links called URLs of wisdom, but over the past few months, I’ve also enjoyed some podcasts too. Here are some of my favourites:

Startup podcast

Startup was recommended to me by a friend who’s running a startup of his own. The first season of this podcast series traces Alex Blumberg’s path from deciding to set up his own podcast business (yes, meta!) to finding his business partner Matt Lieber, through to naming the business and creating the first of a new set of shows.

I found it extremely compelling listening, bingeing on the entire first season in a matter of days. Part of the appeal, I think, is Blumberg’s use of “radical honesty” as a more personal marketing technique. He builds listener engagement with the narrative by sharing details that you might not expect to normally be revealed (such as how much advertisers are paying, the emotional roller coaster he went through on agreeing an equity split with his new business partner and even the burnout some of his staff faced after several overly busy months).

Favourite episodes

Episode 3: On how to broker the relationship with a new business partner (sort of like a romance!)

Episode 9: We made a mistake – how communications screw ups happen when you’re trying to do a lot with a small team (and the perils of native advertising)

Episode 12: Burnout – really compelling example of the difference between what you think you say and what you actually say in conversations with your colleagues – where they actually recorded the conversations!

Note: Season two of Startup has just finished, and now includes a new co-host, Lisa Chow. The second series follows a different business, online data site “The Dating Ring”. In addition, there’s the whole back catalogue of “Reply All” to try. Reply All is the first of the new shows that Blumberg’s business is producing and focuses on internet culture.

Interview with danah boyd

danah boyd, author of “It’s complicated” is particularly interested in how teens use the internet. In this interview with Krista Tippett of On Being, she reveals how her own teenage years drew her into the internet. She also talks about taking complete breaks from her online life in a pre-planned annual holiday where she goes completely offline. A nice interview revealing more of the personality behind someone whose work I’ve enjoyed reading.

Interview with Maria Popova (BrainPickings)

Maria Popova compiles the website BrainPickings which is the result of Popova’s voracious appetite for reading and self-exploration. In this interview, also with Krista Tippett of On Being, she talks about digital curation, passing on knowledge and the phenomenon of marginalia (scribbling notes in the margins of texts) and how it compares with online annotation.


One thought on “Bigger bytes of multi-media – June/July 2015

  1. Hi Lou! It’s been a long time since the days of Spot On NYC. I saw that you had liked one of my retweets today and then clicked on the link to your blog. It’s so nice to be reacquainted and catch up. I love podcasts and Brain Pickings and all sorts of things. I’ve just started writing publicly on my blog again after going on hiatus back in 2009. I’ve been sucking up lots of information from the internet and podcasts on a variety of topics, which I will be posting on the blog (Parallelaphors). Looking forward to seeing more of your tweets and posts.


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