URLs of wisdom (31st March)

URLs of wisdom is a weekly round-up of interesting links about topics at the intersection of people, science and technology.

Social network analysis


  • Is email one of the last private spaces online? “This realm of asynchronous communication is akin to our living rooms. They’re private spaces that others are invited into. You select who enters your inbox, whether that’s by opting-in for a newsletter or sharing your email address with a friend or colleague.”
  • The psychology of mass government surveillance“Just how accepting are people of surveillance in the first place? In short, not very. Across all 13 countries, there was no majority support for surveillance – only 26% of people, overall, agreed that the government should monitor the communications and Internet activity of its own citizens, while a similar number (29%) felt their government should monitor overseas citizens.”

Academia online 

  • What do members want from scholarly societies? A preliminary look at a recent survey of 14, 000 people evenly spread across 3 age ranges. “The top reason for renewing [society membership] (41%) is feeling connected to the community” but there’s more that can be done in terms of marketing: “15% of non-member respondents said they haven’t joined a society because they haven’t been invited! A further 12% (each) responded that “it never occurred to me to join one” or “I don’t know what’s available in my field””

Social media/networks/data sharing


Working with technology

  • Personalizing discovery without sacrificing serendipity – “One approach would be to apply usage data as a mechanism to gauge the importance or notoriety of an individual item, allowing for materials to be discovered from further afield only insofar as they were relatively important….This type of approach underscores the importance of controlling, or at least having access to, data not only about researchers’ interests and practices, but also about research materials and how they are used.”

Social media developments

Just for fun

A taxonomy of Twitter users

The followback Twitter user  - image by Matthew Partridge of ErrantScience.com

The followback Twitter user – image by Matthew Partridge of ErrantScience.com


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