URLs of wisdom (26th July)

URLs of wisdom is a weekly round-up of interesting links about topics at the intersection of people, science and technology. This is a bumper edition as I’ve been busy organising the Open Knowledge Festival that took place last week!

Social Network Analysis


Thinking about algorithms and user behaviour:

  • Forget the wisdom of crowds: neurobiologists reveal the wisdom of the confident  “In recent years, researchers have spent a significant amount of time and effort teasing apart the factors that make crowds stupid. One important factor turns out to be the way members of a crowd influence each other. It turns out that if a crowd offers a wide range of independent estimates, then it is more likely to be wise. But if members of the crowd are influenced in the same way, for example by each other or by some external factor, then they tend to converge on a biased estimate. In this case, the crowd is likely to be stupid.”
  • The dawn of personalised products “Personalizing software is all about figuring out how to help people develop a sense of identity using the service, and then building features that let them accomplish that naturally.”

Other news

  • Why the grass is always greener on social media “Relationships that exist solely online can skew the perception of community fitness because they’re tailored specifically to us, but it’s hard to look away from something that seems so right.”
  • The politics of science in social media “Current science policy campaigns must fight against increasing ‘petition fatigue’: when social media makes campaigning easier, any single campaign risks getting lost in the noise, and science policy becomes yet another competitor for our attention. In the new attention and expertise economy, scientists must forge ever closer links with celebrity and journalism to get their message across.”


Web/Social media developments

Digital Marketing


Just for fun

Feeling really old…?


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