URLs of wisdom (January 12th 2014)

URLs of wisdom is a weekly round-up of interesting links about topics at the intersection of people, science and technology.

People and technology

It’s complicated. What happens when we no longer understand the technology that we’ve built to solve a complex problem?

Taking a stroll down a virtual memory lane. What would you do with a virtual world made up of your memories?

The Open Office trap. How your workspace can affect you. Reminds me of some of the issues discussed in Susan Cain’s Quiet about forcing extroverted ideals into business and education settings.

Arts, culture, digital humanities

Translating the epic poem Beowulf into 100 tweets (reminds me of Twitterature).

Digital Humanities – mixing the humanities and technology in the classroom.

Social networks 

The evolution of memes on Facebook Interesting analysis of viral status updates on Facebook – how they mutate and what additions can help them to spread further. Includes a discussion of whether memes can be considered to behave like genes.

The importance of emotion in content that goes viral (compare to the “promoter sequences” in the FB meme discussion above and some of the commentary here).

Building relationships on Twitter – write-up of a study looking at students’ opinions of Twitter accounts run by big brands.

Facebook isn’t actually a good way to judge potential employees.

Information overload?

Great article by Alexis Madrigal in the Atlantic from back in December on why the idea of “streams” of information online may have reached their peak.

Drinking from the Twitter firehose – “managing the stream is too hard” says Matthew Ingram.

Filtering: seven principles.

Online science communication

Case study of CienciaPR, a social network for Puerto Rican scientists.

Interesting look at the tweeting from the #AAS223 meeting.

Storify from Day 2 of the National Academy of Sciences workshop on public interfaces of the life sciences (not strictly online sci comm, but lots of the questions raised are relevant to evaluation of online activities too).

Just for fun…

Is all that Instagramming distracting you?


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