Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end…

Welcome to Social in silico – my new blog where I’m planning to share musings about the intersection of people, science and technology. For me, these topics meet in a fascinating Venn diagram that includes online science communication, communication tools and what we’re learning about how people interact with those tools, and each other.  If that sounds a bit vague for a blog, that’s because it’s an exploration starting out with the equivalent of v 1.0 of the Apple Maps app 😉 Although hopefully we won’t end up driving off any cliffs…

You may know me as the Communities Specialist for Nature Publishing Group. But after 5 action-packed years at NPG, I’m leaving the company in December. I’ve absolutely loved the opportunities that I’ve been given in my time here. I’ve made some wonderful, talented friends along the way, and been able to mix my passions for people, science and technology in some great, creative projects.

But now it’s time for some new adventures! And as I start exploring some ideas here and elsewhere, I hope you’ll give helpful feedback. Connect with me (@LouWoodley) and the blog (@socialinsilico) on Twitter or leave your comments here.

social in silico

2 thoughts on “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end…

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